Saddam Hussein, Terrorist

Rasmussen has a piece of polling data that I’ve never seen before, which seems highly significant: 63% of all voters say that Saddam Hussein was a terrorist; only 26% say he was not.
This explains, I suspect, why the Democrats’ feverish efforts to use the Iraq war to discredit the administration haven’t succeeded. If you think Saddam was a terrorist, then most of what the Democrats have to say appears wrong or irrelevant. It’s hard to make a lot of headway with the theory that Iraq was a distraction from the war on terror when 63% of voters consider Saddam a terrorist.
Rasmussen also reports that 50% of Americans believe that Richard Clarke made his accusations to help John Kerry’s campaign or to sell his book. Only 39% say he was merely a concerned citizen telling the truth about what he saw.


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