Big sister speaks

A parliamentary investigative report given to the European Union has found “no conclusive evidence” that money the EU gives the Palestinian Authority has been used to fund terrorism, according to The Jerusalem Post. EU Commission External Affairs spokeswoman Emma Udwin promptly explained that the report’s assessment that there was no such “conclusive evidence” meant that European tax dollars had not been used to fund terrorism. In EU-speak, I suppose that the former can mean the latter. Ms. Udwin went on to note that “there isn’t any form of financial assistance that is 100 percent risk-free. That is as true in the Palestinian territories as it is in Cornwall.” In EU-speak, I suppose that the risk of graft and terrorism in Nablus seems no greater than the corresponding risk in St. Ives. But why should those of us who do not speak EU take either Ms. Udwin’s utterances or the underlying EU report seriously?


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