Hollywood Steps Up Bush-Hatred

The New York Times discovers liberal bias: “TV Shows Take On Bush, and Pull Few Punches.”
Dafydd ab Hugh writes:

The story discusses the rising habit by Hollywood producers of inserting anti-Bush smears into the actual scripts of numerous TV shows and TV movies. But what is remarkable is that over and over, they interview producers who claim this is just an attempt to stimulate discussion, and that they present “both sides” of the debate; e.g.:
Dick Wolf, the executive producer of the troika of “Law & Order” series, said that his characters’ critiques of Mr. Bush were in his programs’ long tradition of equal-opportunity provocation. “Virtually everyone who lives in the lower 48 states at one time or another has been offended by `Law & Order,’ ” Mr. Wolf said in a statement.
But not once, in the entire article, does the Times cite *a single example* of the other side of this “equal-opportunity provocation.” Rather, every single example cited is anti-Bush, anti-Republican, anti-conservative, spouting the DNC talking points.
There is a vague reference to J.A.G and the TV movie “DC 9/11: Time of Crisis,” but nothing quoted to demonstrate that these shows ever have any pro-Bush statements.
Incredibly enough, “network executives” interviewed by the Times said that the argument that the television industry was biased towards the left was “undercut” by shows like J.A.G. which have “a patriotic streak.” So I reckon they’re admitting, at long last, that the left is unpatriotic — for mere patriotism is now right-wing!

Yes, that’s Hollywood–a steady drumbeat of left-wing propaganda is offset by an occasional moment of scrupulously non-partisan, watered-down patriotism.
DEACON wonders: If “Law & Order” provides “equal opportunity provocation,” how come, in the Manhattan of this show, blacks commit homicide (usually justfiable) only about once every three seasons?


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