I Can’t Decline A Challenge

This morning the Trunk posted an item about Bob Dylan selling out and doing ads for a commercial enterprise. Well, not just a commercial enterprise: Victoria’s Secret. The mind boggles; the Wall Street Journal reports:

The enigmatic singer-songwriter, one of the last cultural figures from the 1960s to continue to live outside the boundaries of mainstream pop culture, is making his first appearance as a celebrity pitchman — for Limited Brands’ Victoria’s Secret.

I took this as a challenge, of course. The words “Victoria’s Secret” could hardly appear on this site without appropriate graphics. I diligently searched for photos of Dylan actually posing with VS models. Not surprisingly, I guess, I couldn’t find any. So here is a shot of the man himself:
Having gotten that over with, here are a few random photos from the current Victoria’s Secret catalog, which, being as how it’s April, features swimsuits:
I have no comment on the broader cultural implications of this commercial arrangement. We wish both Dylan and Victoria’s Secret well. Many, many more VS swimsuit photos can be seen here; as you can imagine, it wasn’t easy to narrow it down to three photos.


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