Clinton’s Laser-Like Focus on Terrorism

A few days ago, reader Gary Comer wrote us to point out how terror-free Bill Clinton’s 2000 State of the Union speech was. We quoted him at length here.
Now, reader Daniel Aronstein makes a similar observation on an article by Clinton’s national security adviser, Sandy Berger, in late 2000:

Sandy Berger wrote an article which appeared in FOREIGN AFFAIRS Nov/Dec 200 Issue; Volume 79 Number 6.
It is an 18 page article, and it thoroughly reviews so-called Clinton Administration
successes (like North Korea!) and outlines what Clinton’s National Security Advisor – on behalf of the Clinton Administration – saw as the emerging chief global security issues.
The title of the article was, appropriately, “A Foreign Policy for the Global Age”.
In this article, Berger mentions terrorism ONCE, in passing – in a single paragraph, three pages from the end. Islamo-terrorism gets equal billing with all others on every continent, and he did not specifically mention either al Qaeda or UBL.
This PROVES that global terror was far from the Clinton Administration’s “HIGHEST PRIORITY” as Clarke claimed UNDER OATH.

Is it really conceivable that the New York Times, the Washington Post, the television networks and the “mainstream” news magazines can sell the idea that Bill Clinton gave fighting terrorism the highest priority for eight years, and combatted al Qaeda effectively, only to have the Bush administration drop the ball in the few short months before Sept. 11? No way. If the American people are that stupid, democracy is not possible.


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