Kos Outrage Draws Ad Support

On Saturday, we blasted Markos Zuniga, proprietor of the Daily Kos, for his callous contempt toward the four Americans who were brutally murdered and dismembered in Falluja. Zuniga is a leading Democratic political consultant and John Kerry’s top online fundraiser; the Daily Kos is said to be the most popular liberal website on the internet.
On Saturday’s edition of the Northern Alliance Radio Network, we called on John Kerry to disavow Zuniga’s anti-American outburst. As of Saturday, three Democratic Congressional candidates had withdrawn their ads from the Daily Kos to disassociate themselves from Zuniga’s tirade against the murdered Americans. Both the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee were still advertising on Kos, however, which raises the question whether Zuniga’s hateful denunciation of the murdered Americans is the official policy of the Democratic Party.
As of this morning, the DNC and DCCC ads were still on the site. There is a new ad, too, by Jeff Seemann, a Democratic Congressional candidate from Ohio. Seemann apparently considers the controversy over the Kos’s indifference toward murdered Americans as a fundraising tool. Here is what Seeman’s site says about its new ad on the Daily Kos:

The Jeff Seemann for Congress campaign recently learned of the controversy brewing regarding www.dailykos.com
We were saddened to hear that three advertisers pulled their ads on the site because of the remarks posted on the blog. The comments may be controversial, but they are just as relevant. [Ed.: Huh? Just as relevant as what?] The ability to allow comments like those read on Daily Kos is a testament to the virtues this country was founded on, especially the right to free speech.
Our campaign has decided that because of the recent events we will step in and advertise on www.dailykos.com. We have made this decision for two reasons:
1) We firmly believe in the First Amendment and everyone’s right to say whatever he or she chooses on their own website.
2) We refuse to allow our campaign to be bullied by the right wing like they bullied Kos’ previous advertisers.
We understand that the decision to launch this advertising campaign will attract attention, both positive and negative. We will make no statement regarding the actual content of Kos’ controversial statement, but we will always stand up for his right to dissent.

The obvious point that jumps out at the reader is that Seemann never says what the “actual content of Kos’ controversial statement” was. For those who may have forgotten, here is the free speech that Seemann is endorsing:

I feel nothing over the death of mercenaries. They aren’t in Iraq because of orders, or because they are there trying to help the people make Iraq a better place. They are there to wage war for profit. Screw them.

Now, Seemann never quite comes out and says that he agrees with Zuniga’s “screw them” sentiment. He says that he is merely sticking up for “free speech.” We want to offer Seemann a chance to demonstrate that he is acting merely as a free speech advocate, and not as one who agrees with Zuniga. We have never accepted advertising on Power Line, but we are willing to make an exception for Seemann. Presumably he supports our free speech just as much as he supports Zuniga’s. So we are offering Seemann a chance to advertise on Power Line. Doing so would demonstrate that he is, indeed, a free speech advocate and not a contemptible leftist who wants to solicit donations from equally contemptible leftists whose attitude toward murdered, dismembered Americans is: “Screw them.”
We will communicate our offer to Seemann and let you know how he responds.


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