Kerry Backs Away From Fundraiser’s Outrage

Yielding to pressure from bloggers (us and many, many others), John Kerry has distanced himself from the bigoted hate-speech of his top internet fundraiser, Markos Zuniga, proprietor of The Daily Kos. Reader John Sipher points out that Kerry’s web site has de-linked The Daily Kos; check it out:
It’s interesting, though: now that Kerry has admitted that Zuniga’s attack on the four murdered Americans was beyond the pale, why are the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee still advertising on Kos? And I’ve seen no mention of Kerry returning any of the money he raised on Zuniga’s hate-filled site.
It’s also interesting to read the many comments on Kerry’s site, most of which are by Democrats who disapprove of Kerry’s disassociating himself from The Daily Kos. Here is just one example among many:

Cutting off your nose to spite your face in my opinion. Kos has not only raised awareness of Democratic values, he has raised real dollars to aid in the fight against Bush and his cronies. Even if his post was incorrect (which it wasn’t, in its entirety), we NEED Kos, period.
As a Democrat who supports John Kerry for President, I hereby DEMAND that you replace this link and quit acting like cowards. Such timidity only waters down your support. This campaign SHOULD be against mercenaries making almost ten times what our troops make!

That’s the modern Democratic party: bigots who “raise real dollars” are welcome! Well, Democrats, don’t worry: you’ve still got George Soros.


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