Kos Scandal Hits the Airwaves

Tonight Eugene Volokh and I were on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show talking about the Daily Kos scandal. Eugene and I agreed that what Markos Zuniga, the Democratic political consultant and fundraiser who runs The Daily Kos, said about the four Americans who were murdered in Falluja was an outrage. We disagreed on what it signifies about the modern Democratic Party. Eugene is inclined to cut the party some slack and wait to see whether the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will eventually distance themselves from Zuniga’s callous comment on the four murdered Americans: “Screw them.”
My view is a little different. It appears to me that Zuniga represents the mainstream of the Democratic Party, which has defined itself as the Party of Hate. If you look at the posts on Democratic Underground, or the comments on John Kerry’s site when he de-linked Kos, or the absence of any criticism from Democrats like Josh Marshall, or the fact that the DNC and the DCCC are still raising funds on the Daily Kos, or the fact that Kos is the number one liberal site on the internet, and Zuniga is a consultant to whom Democrats turn for advice on their campaigns, the conclusion seems inescapable: “screw them” is the position of the Democratic Party when Americans are murdered abroad, and their bodies burned and dismembered.


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