Voters Prefer Bush On Economy

Rasmussen reports that in his most recent survey, voters trust President Bush more than John Kerry to “manage the economy” by a 48% to 44% margin. And this was before the March jobs report came out. By a much wider margin, voters prefer Bush with regard to the war on terror.
In view of those twin findings, you might think we should cancel the election right now. Dick Morris thinks Kerry is heading for disaster, with the worst campaign since Dukakis, and no real issues to run on.
Morris bases his conclusion largely on Kerry’s slippage in Rasmussen’s tracking poll. Yet, since Morris wrote his column, that slippage has been reversed, and, as of yesterday, Kerry led President Bush by two points in Rasmussen’s survey.
How this can be in light of the other findings noted above is unclear, but Richard Clarke, the ongoing casualties in Iraq and the Democrats’ vicious attacks on the President are all undoubtedly factors.
UPDATE: Rasmussen’s poll now has Kerry ahead by three; Rasmussen attributes Bush’s slippage to concern about events in Iraq.


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