Narrow Escape in Spain

Spanish authorities say that the seven Islamofascist terrorists who blew themselves up when they were surrounded in an apartment on the outskirts of Madrid were just one day away from carrying out their second terrorist attack:

Police combing through the wrecked apartment found maps of Parquesur, a retail and leisure complex less than a mile from the apartment, as well as two backpacks and a belt, all packed with dynamite and wired to detonators, the paper said. The mall has 193 stores, a hotel and a 2,500 seat multiple theater complex.
The attack was to have been staged Sunday, the day after the police raid that prompted seven terrorists to take their lives.

Europe’s governments have finally started to take terrorism seriously, and there have been several instances over the last few days where they have taken pre-emptive action against terrorist groups. This should continue to motivate them.


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