Dire Quacking from the Left

Emmett Tyrrell’s column on Ted Kennedy would be worth reading, if only for its felicitous title: “Quagmire and Dire Quacking”:

If, as Sen. Teddy Kennedy rumbled recently, Iraq is President George W. Bush’s Vietnam, surely the silver-haired senator is becoming Mr. Bush’s Jane Fonda.
[A]s the senator has brought up the always illuminating guidance of history, it might help us to understand the present war by considering the wartime leadership of a Democrat whom Sen. Kennedy might admire, Franklin D. Roosevelt laboring through World War II.
As Roosevelt understood, by the late 1930s there was no alternative to defeating the Axis; and there is no alternative to defeating the Islamofascists today. This is a point President Bush cannot make too frequently. Nor should he and his surrogates shy from characterizing their Democratic opponents as dupes.
Sen. Kennedy’s Vietnam parallel does not exist. The Iraqi resistance is supported at best only by the radical mullahs of Iran and the terrorists of Islamofascism. They cannot summon the communist protagonists of the Cold War from Moscow and Beijing. Moreover, they have no negotiators to go off to Paris and nothing to negotiate.
Sens. Kennedy and Kerry are not doing much to build the morale of our troops abroad, but then they played the same role 30 years ago during the Vietnam War. Now there is a historic parallel to meditate on.

The Trunk has, I believe, lined up Mr. Tyrrell for an interview on our radio show a week from Saturday.


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