More Sick Commentary From the Left

Some have tried to defend Markos Zuniga’s hateful reaction to the murder, burning and dismemberment of four Americans in Falluja–“screw them,” since they were “mercenaries”–by suggesting that it was aberrational and out of the liberal mainstream. We’ve always thought that theory was farfetched, in view of the fact that the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee advertise on Zuniga’s site, The Daily Kos, and John Kerry, while he has deleted his link to Kos, still raises money there too.
Reader Mike Daley has alerted us to this sickening cartoon by left-winger Rex Babin of the Sacramento Bee. As Mike says, Babin is giving Ted Rall a run for his money:
Have you seen any criticism of this kind of liberal hate speech by any prominent Democrat? I haven’t.


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