Those damn Republicans ruin everything

This CNN poll shows that “[Condi] Rice won the credibility race against former counterterrorism aide Richard Clarke — who testified that the White House had ignored warnings about Osama bin Laden’s terrorist organization. Forty-three percent of the poll’s participants said they were more likely to believe Rice, as opposed to 36 percent naming Clarke.” However, CNN notes that it was those pesky Republicans who “put Rice over the top.”
HINDROCKET adds: CNN doesn’t link to the complete poll results, which suggests that they don’t like them. What CNN reports is suggestive; combined with this morning’s subdued reports in the mainstream press, I conclude that the polling was very favorable to Dr. Rice and the administration.
But the Democrats are never put off by such immediate results. They know that they control both the newspapers and, more important, television news. Over time, as they keep hammering away and memories fade, they change perceptions. So if the initial poll data are bad, they simply bury them and keep writing headlines. They correctly believe that in a few weeks, under the impact of their relentless negativity, the numbers will shift.


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