American Grandstand: The Movie

Drudge has flagged the Hollywood Reporter story on Sony’s having optioned the film rights to Richard Clarke’s best seller Against All Enemies. The Reporter’s story helpfully notes that at times Against All Enemies “almost seems like a fiction thriller,” according to reviewer John Moe. Inquiring minds want to know who will play Clarke. Is Robert Redford available? Paul Newman? Tom Hanks? We’ll follow this story closely: “Sony takes on ‘Enemies’ for Clarke book.”
UPDATE: Reader Mark Hessey writes: “This is an amusing exercise for this unique day that falls both before and after a holiday. My first choice would be Thayer David (Dragon in the Eiger Sanction), but he’s deceased, so maybe Verne Troyer (Mini-Me in Austin Powers). And to cut the guy a break: Rutger Hauer could pull it off.”


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