Strange leanings

We at Power Line don’t always agree with John Derbyshire and we haven’t posted much of his stuff. However, the apoplectic reaction to my most recent Derbyshire post from the Leaning Left blog has me thinking I should ride this horse a little more. Leaning Left can find no expression of disgust or revulsion adequate to respond to Derbyshire’s claim that we should ruthlessly kill members of the mobs that are trying to drive the U.S. out of Iraq in order to impose either a Saddam-style regime or an Iranian style Islamic theocracy (depending on the mob in question). It characterizes this policy as “the killing of an entire generation of men from a disfavored culture.” Note the assumptions here. First, it is assumed that the Iraqi thugs represent “an entire generation.” But where is the evidence that they represent more than a sick fringe? Second, note the implication that this “entire generation” is being killed because its members come from a disfavored culture. Through the magic of modern liberalism, mobs that, in the name of Baathist or Islamic fascism, kill and burn those who are trying to rebuild Iraq are transformed into victims of cultural bias (in the same way that the American liberators and rebuilders are transformed into mercenaries who deserve whatever horrible death their sadistic “victims” devise). That’s the way the left is leaning these days.


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