Events In Iraq Not Hurting Bush…

…so far. Donald Lambro of the Washington Times has a roundup of recent poll data; the article is headlined “Support remains firm for Bush in terror war.”
The data are all interesting, but here are a few highlights: By 55% to 39%, voters approve of Bush’s handling of the war on terror. By 53% to 41%, respondents say that going to war in Iraq was the right decision. President Bush’s job approval rating is holding firm at 53%. And, in what could be the most significant finding, terrorism has now replaced the economy as the voters’ largest concern, by 21% to 18%–with another 17% citing “war” as their biggest issue. This suggests that the good news about the economy is finally sinking into the public’s consciousness.
Meanwhile, the Rasmussen tracking poll continues to show a dead heat between the President and John Kerry.
My only caveat is that public reaction to events is often delayed. I think it is too much to hope that problems in Iraq, the perfidy of the 9/11 commission, and the hysterical attacks on the President that dominate the news on a daily basis will not erode his support over time. On the other hand, the President is barely beginning to see political benefit from the current economic boom; the impact of the good economic news has been delayed, too.


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