Rewebifying Bush-Cheney ’04

We have received word from our friends at the Bush campaign:

Yesterday, Bush-Cheney ’04 launched its new web site at The site features an all-new homepage, where, in addition to getting all of today’s news, you can watch the latest video or see the latest photo right on the page.
Also launched with the site is the new Kerry Media Center here. The blog is now even more focused on what’s happening in the campaign right now, with featured posts and featured links to what’s new on the site. New features include a text-only PDA edition for readers on the go, and streamlined archives so you can easily find what you’re looking for. The blog continues to be fully searchable.
We also offer various options for you to link to the blog or get the latest campaign news here — from our popular newsfeed feature that allows you to post campaign headlines or recruit volunteers… to RSS feeds for the entire blog or for specific topics.
Enjoy – and keep watching for new features in the coming weeks and months!



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