Australia’s Pathetic Newspapers

As biased as America’s press is, the Australian news media are even worse. Major newspapers like the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age are well to the left of even the New York Times, and Australia’s public broadcasting system is probably even worse than the BBC.
Australian blogger and journalist Tim Blair does a great job of skewering his country’s left-leaning media. Here are a couple of his current posts:

Crazed Muslim kidnappers and the Mississippi grandmother of hostage Thomas Hamill are all the same to The Sydney Morning Herald’s Paul McGeough:
Echoing the religious fervour of his captors, no doubt, 43-year-old Hamill’s grandmother remains hopeful: “I got God, and I just trust in God.”
Grandma Hamill later burned down a mosque and imprisoned two imams in her basement, the crazy old fundamentalist.

Our press, of course, also loves to apply the “fundamentalist” label even-handedly to Christians who attend church regularly and Islamofascists who commit mass murder. And then there’s this:

Hamas has got some kind of super-genius production line, endlessly delivering brilliant leaders. The Age claims:
Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi was a cool and calculating intellectual force in Hamas.
And in the [Sydney Morning Herald]:
Khaled Mashaal, who has emerged as the paramount figure in Hamas following the assassination of Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi by Israel, is a hardline militant who favours a military solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Mashaal is known particularly for his brilliant speeches and his iron logic in defending the Palestinian cause.

With only the feeble intellects of Bush, Blair, and Howard to defend us, surely the West is doomed.

The “Bush is stupid” theme is even more deeply engrained in the Australian press than here in America, but given the achievements of the Palestinian terrorists’ brilliant leaders, perhaps that’s nothing to complain about.


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