Registered voters and other adults

You have to read to the penultimate paragraph of the Washington Post’s interesting story on its most recent poll to find the numbers representing the largest disparity between George Bush and John Kerry:

Nearly eight in 10 said Bush “takes a position and sticks with it.” Four in 10 had that view of Kerry, who is being portrayed by Republicans as a flip-flopper on key issues such as the war in Iraq.

You have to read to the final paragraph of the Post’ story to find a description of the Post poll’s sample:

A total of 1,201 randomly selected adults were interviewed April 15-18 for this telephone survey.

Earlier in the story the sample is implicitly described as registered voters. The Post’s story is “Poll shows new gains for Bush.”
Dick Morris, on the other hand, deduces “Dubya in trouble” from the Rasmussen daily tracking poll. Not too long ago, Morris declared Kerry dead in the water. Whatever happens, Morris will be proved right. As the great American essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson observed some time ago, “Events are in the saddle and ride mankind.”


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