Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies…

…grow up to be lawyers. I’m deep into the second week of a relatively short jury trial, and should be done in another week or two. This is the worst kind of trial, really–short enough that it doesn’t take on the more leisurely pace of a long trial, but long enough to just about do you in. Kind of like sprinting a mile. I’m taking five minutes off for this brief communication with civilization, like a message in a bottle, then it’s back to work. I’ll be posting again when I’m done and can catch up on the news. For now, if it isn’t a headline in my hotel’s USA Today, I don’t know about it.
At times like these, I remind myself that I’m not being sent overseas for a year or more; I’ll be back with my family in a week or two; and in the meantime, no one is shooting at me.


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