Lowry v. Corn

I just arrived home from the debate held at St. Thomas College in St. Paul between National Review editor Rich Lowry and Nation magazine Washington editor David Corn on the 2004 election. I met many Power Line readers such as Professor Peter Vogt of Bethel College who stopped to provide encouragement for the site. Rich was absolutely brilliant in the debate, personally winning and utterly compelling.
It was Rich’s idea to invite anyone who wanted to pursue the discussion afterwards for beer, pizza and conservative fellowship at the Green Mill Brewery near St. Thomas. Twenty folks showed up, all fans who wanted nothing more than to draw Rich out further on the topics he had touched on in the debate.
Rich stayed until midnight, answering every question and indulging every whim. Suffice it to say that he is a fine person in addition to the other outstanding attributes we can deduce he possesses from his journalism. He has to get up in a few hours to catch the first plane back to New York. It has been our experience that successful conservative movers and shakers like Rich are among the nicest people in the world.


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