The fourth Gorelickian oration

In the fourth Catiline oration, Cicero mulled over the punishment befitting Catiline for conspiring against the republic. Cicero was a Roman patriot, a sound thinker and, not surprisingly, a proponent of the death penalty.
Is it possible that the Gorelick conspiracy might find its Cicero in a collective call to action? CNN reports: “Senate Republicans call on Gorelick to testify”:

The senators want Gorelick to testify about her role in strengthening the so-called “wall” between the FBI and CIA that some say hampered government efforts to prevent terrorist attacks.
The letter, which was spearheaded by Sen. Kit Bond, R-Missouri, asserts that the commission’s final report “will be incomplete without public testimony by Ms. Gorelick about her activities while serving as deputy attorney general” in the Clinton administration.
“It is imperative the committee explore with Ms. Gorelick these many initiatives and procedures pursued at her direction and any analysis leading to their formulation,” the letter said.

(Courtesy of Captain’s Quarters.)


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