Toomey Has a Shot

The latest poll from Pennsylvania shows Arlen Specter’s lead over Pat Toomey down to 47-39. Pollster Kellyanne Conway interprets this as meaning that Toomey has a legitimate chance, and I agree. I’m pretty sure that most Pennsylvania Republicans would rather see Toomey in the Senate than Specter. Specter’s main advantages are “electability” and inevitability. If Republican voters perceive that the race is wide open, many of them will swing to Toomey. This will be a fun one to watch.
UPDATE: Ann Coulter’s take on the race is here: “Donkey Trapped In Elephant’s Body”:

More than any other person in America, Arlen Specter is responsible for a runaway Supreme Court that has turned every political issue into a “constitutional” matter, giving radical liberals an uninterrupted string of victories in the culture wars. That’s not a court, it’s a junta.


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