With the masses

It’s a beautiful day here in Washington, so I took a stroll at lunchtime. At Connecticut Avenue and M Street, I found myself in the middle of several hundred noisy, mostly unattractive people who were marching in protest. The protest was an eclectic event. Here are some of the things the protesters were against, in order of seeming importance: the IMF, Halliburton, Bechtel, capitalism, putting dams on rivers, the war in Iraq, President Bush. Here are some of the things they seemed to like: debt relief, “choice,” Ralph Nader, communism (judging from the flags). There is, of course, a master theory that ties all of these agenda items together, and I’m confident that this theory is understood and important to at least several thousand Americans, a few of whom were marching in the D.C. sunshine this afternoon.
HINDROCKET adds: Here is a photo of the Washington demonstrators. How many members do you suppose the Socialist Workers Party has? Somehow they never seem to run low on their sign budget.


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