Good bad news?

Polipundit looks at the bright side of Arlen Specter’s narrow victory over Pat Toomey in yesterday’s Repubican Senate primary in Pennsylvania:
“This is a good result. It allows the GOP to put forward a 4-term incumbent as its candidate in November. And ‘moderate’ Republican senators have just had a loud warning shot fired across their bow. The next time they’re voting on a bill, they should remember not just the ultra-liberal Washington press corps, but their conservative constituents back home. If a 4-term incumbent in a swing state can almost be defeated by a young challenger who’s outspent 3-1, then no Republican senator is safe from a conservative primary challenge.”
Polipundit concludes that Specter won by doing reasonably well in the conservative center of the state. Specter probably accomplished this due to the endorsements he received from President Bush and Senator Santorum. These endorsements didn’t prevent Toomey from decisively carrying western Pennsylvania. Polipundit speculates that Toomey was able to offset the endorsements with saturated issue-oriented ads in the Pittsburgh area, but not in less densely populated areas.


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