The civil war exit strategy

George Will offers a plausible, if far less than ideal, exit strategy for Iraq: crush the Sunni resistance; hold elections that will bring the majority faction (the Shiites) to power, thereby giving them an incentive to continue to crush the Sunni resistance; and don’t worry too much about whether the final product is a “luminously liberal democracy.”
Will acknowledges that this strategy could lead to civil war. But he argues that “in Iraq, civil war might be preferable to today’s combination of disintegration tempered by violent Sunni-Shiite collaboration against U.S. supervision.”
BIG TRUNK adds: And civil war might produce a mullahocracy in the image of Iran’s, making the situation worse than today’s combination of disintegration and joint resistance. Isn’t this kind of advice what distinguishes pundits from leaders? Not that the Brandini option avoids such risks. As for Brandini, Will notes: “U.S. forces in Iraq can never be at the disposition of such people.”


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