John Kerry channels George McGovern

While John Kerry aspires to be America’s second black president, I’ve worried that the weird mojo of 2004 might instead make him America’s first Jewish president. I should probably move this concern down a few notches on my list of worries.
Our radio hero Hugh Hewitt calls attention to Kerry’s speech today to the the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish group dedicated to opposing manifestations of anti-Semitism in public life. Hugh quotes Kerry as follows:

For all of its history, ADL has been self-asked to live up to one of the oldest most fundamental principles of civilization. It is actually one of the Commandments as we know: “Love your neighbor.” And all of you are yourselves showing courage, because it can be bitter, it is tough. Bigotry, hatred, fear, drive people to do things that are inexplicable, and it is hard in any community to stand up against that, but it is vital.

Hugh comments:

John Kerry — connecting again with yet another audience. ADL is a largely Jewish organization, which is not likely to recognize John Kerry’s “commandment” as one of the big 10.

Given the thematic replay of this campaign with that of 1972, it may not be inappropriate to recall the faux pas committed by George McGovern when he was campaigning for the Jewish vote in the New York Democratic primary in 1972. With the press trailing him, McGovern went to Brooklyn and sought out a deli for lunch. There he famously ordered a kosher hot dog, and a glass of milk.
Is there any chance that Kerry will promise that when elected president he will get down on his knees and go to Paris if it will shorten the war? Or has he already?


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