Rall’s Latest Outrage

Yesterday Ted Rall’s latest outrage, a cartoon attacking Pat Tillman, roiled the blogosphere. The admirable Michele Catalano has the story; scroll down about half-way. She has updates too. Her (and others’) anger at Rall is of course justified.
Still, I’m not sure he’s worth the trouble. Rall can’t draw, he has never written anything funny, and his juvenile political analysis would embarrass a junior high school newspaper. Would anyone would read him but for the attention drawn by his offensiveness? On the other hand, as Michele notes, John Kerry advertises on Rall’s blog. And the online Washington Post carries only eight editorial cartoonists, and Rall is one of them. So you can easily argue that he is a mainstream liberal and not just a nutjob.
By the way, MSNBC pulled yesterday’s cartoon–not, apparently, because of complaints, but because someone at MSNBC actually read it–but the Post didn’t.


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