Double indemnity

Six weeks ago we told the story of Claremont College Visiting Professor Kerri Dunn and her hate crime hoax in “The Reichstag gambit.” Now reader Stuart Paulson plays Paul Harvey and kindly provides the rest of the story, courtesy of Insurance Fraud Weekly:

A college professor vandalized her car for insurance money then tried to cover up the crime by claiming racists had spray painted racist and anti-Semitic slurs on the vehicle, California officials charged this week.
Kerri Dunn, a visiting psychology professor at Claremont McKenna College, said someone vandalized her 1990 Honda Civic while it was parked on campus as she prepared a lecture on racism. Windows also were broken and tires slashed. The next day she called her insurer about making a claim for vandalism and $1,700 in property, including a CD player and briefcase, stolen from the car.
But two witnesses say they saw her vandalize the vehicle. Before the alleged scheme surfaced, however, thousands of students staged sit-ins to protest the apparent hate crime. Dunn is a white woman who is studying to convert from Catholicism to Judaism, and has urged students to fight racism. Dunn could receive up to six years if convicted.


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