Gabrielle Says Hi

Last night we posted a link to Gabrielle Reilly’s new site; she is a bikini model/right wing political commentator. Originally from Australia, she now lives in the U.S.
This morning we got an email from Gabrielle:

I was sent a link to your blog… great blog. Thanks for the compliment. Oh and my new site is about three weeks from being launched.

Gabrielle also passed on a link to this humor piece on the lefty site Utter Wonder, in which the blog-author imagines “a series of no holds barred ultimate fighting match up[s] between some of the most conservative and right-leaning babes in all of America.” Utter Wonder hypothesizes an undercard battle between Ms. Reilly and Congresswoman Katherine Harris.
We were glad to hear from Gabrielle as, on a typical day, relatively little of our email comes from bikini models. Regrettable, but true.
Here she is again:


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