Biden always does better to borrow the words, however hackneyed, of others

James Lileks provides an excellent take on the attempts (in this case by Joe Biden, asking “when did he know”, etc.) to convert the actions of some National Guardsmen into a Watergate-style scandal that will bring down Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld. Lileks sees this as part of a larger attempt to “return us to the nadir of the post-war era. [The Joe Bidens] want us to think: quagmire. They want us to think: Nixonian scandal. How inspirational. How Churchillian. I have nothing to offer the American people but blood, sweat and Billy Beer.” Lileks continues, “That Biden would float the idea of axing Rumsfeld in the middle of this confliict over this tells you how seriously he takes the war. He knows what he says won


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