What makes Johnny run?

Hugh Hewitt wonders whether John Kerry’s run for the presidency is mostly “an effort to head-off old age via the biggest sideshow of them all.” Hugh finds plenty of evidence that Kerry is in the midst of a mid-life crisis — “obsessive, if ill-fated, displays of physical activity,” excessive time spent on personal appearance, and the constant reminiscing about one’s youth, for example. Recall, too, Kerry’s response after Tim Russert played the tape of his 1971 speech denouncing U.S. “war crimes” — “where did all that brown hair go?”
In my view, though, Hugh’s suggested answer to the question, what makes Kerry run seem too benign. It strikes me that Kerry has been preparing most of his life to run for president, and that his current effort is fueled primarily by an overwhelming sense of personal superiority coupled with an obsessive desire to curb American “arrogance,” by which he means American power.


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