Suppressing “Rumstud”

The Washington Post’s David Von Drehle certainly had fun at Donald Rumsfeld’s trip to the congressional woodshed (as he puts it). As the prison story enters its second week, it now is mostly an effort to undermine support for President Bush and the action in Iraq. However, it is also an effort to cut Rumsfeld, the ultimate symbol of the unapolgetic and successful projection of American power, down to size. Hence the gloating title of Von Drehle’s story, “Capitol Hill sees the flip side of a power warrior.” And the references to a “humbled Rumsfeld.” And the author’s personal taunt, “whatever happened to Rumstud.”
Fortunately, Americans seems to like having a Secretary of Defense who can successfully project American power in response to an attack on our homeland. This rather healthy phenomenon, coupled with the obvious fact that the prison abuses were not Rumsfeld fault, explains why, by an overwhelming majority, Americans think Rumsfeld should remain in charge at the Pentagon.
President Bush hit the nail on the head the other day when he noted that Rumsfeld had, after all, presided over two successful wars. To most Americans, this represents a good reason for Bush to retain him. For the David Von Drehle’s of the world, it represents the real reason why he has to go.


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