News you were supposed to miss

In response to the question whatever happened to al-Sadr, Reader Stephen Foley tells us that “if you look hard enough, you can still find stories about the ‘popular Shiite uprising.'” He directs us to this story about a march by hundreds in Najaf on Tuesday calling on rebel Shi’ite cleric to pull his militia out of the Iraqi holy city. Mr. Foley suggests that at his next press conference President Bush should ask the assembled journalists to apologize for grossly exaggerating the extent of the problems with al-Sadr.
Mr. Foley also picked up an interesting tidbit buried in this AP story about the prison situation. According to the report, the Red Cross wanted to keep its report about prisoner abuse confidential because it saw that U.S. officials were making progress in responding to their complaints. As Mr. Foley notes, “From the dramatic headlines I have seen about prison abuse scandal, I would never have thought that the US military actually responded to Red Cross findings and made progress in addressing these concerns.” Me neither.


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