The beheading of Nick Berg

The beheading of Nick Berg should have the sobering effect of reintroducing us to the vile face of the enemy who is at war with us. Apparently nothing will sober the besotted likes of anti-American lunatics such as Teddy Kennedy and Mark Dayton. But might Berg’s murder highlight their sheer frivolous luncacy?
The diabolical ritual slaughter of Nick Berg invokes the memory of the ritual slaughter of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. As the linked CNN report notes, both Pearl and Berg were Jewish: “Nicholas Berg: A life of adventure.” RIP.
UPDATE: Reader Dr. Scot Silverstein writes: “Funny how a search of Google News on ‘Nick Berg Jewish’ only brings up 3 stories; omitting the ‘Jewish’ yields 1,230 stories. That is significant.”


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