They call it a “gaffe”

Wall Street Journal editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz read an op-ed submission by 9/11 widow and incessant Chris Matthews’ Softball yakker Kristen Breitweiser. When Rabinowitz inadvertently emailed her critique to Breitweiser rather than to the Journal editor for whom she had reviewed the submission, her critique became public.
Anyone who has been subjected to Breitweiser on Softball knows that Rabinowitz hit the nail on the head, describing Breitwiser’s piece as “total and complete…repetitive…nonsense from people given endless media access to repeat the very same stupid charges, suspicions and the rest…this is just an opportunity for these absurd products of the zeitgeist — women clearly in the grip of the delusion that they know something, have some policy, and wisdom not given to the rest of us to know — to grab the spotlight. Again.”
Editor & Publisher tells the story in “Rabinowitz e-mail gaffe goes to 9/11 widow.”


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