Time present

I missed Meet the Cuomo Aide yesterday and therefore missed the dramatics involving the interviews of Colin Powell and John McCain. The New York Post reports that Powell found “no excuse” for the silence of Arab leaders regarding the murder of Nick Berg: “Powell blasts Arabs.”
The Post also reports that John McCain “categorically” ruled out running on a ticket with John Kerry: “McCain backs Bush.” The Post quotes McCain:

“I’ve said categorically, categorically, I will not be vice president . . . I will not be a candidate . . . I am a loyal Republican. I am supporting President Bush’s re-election. I am campaigning for it,” McCain told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”
“The bullet played in all these stories is John McCain is angry at President Bush about 2000. Look, that was four years ago . . . I work with President Bush on a lot of issues and I want him re-elected, and I’m not looking back in anger at anything.”


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