More troubling news

In addition to the new revelations of abuse at Abu Ghraib, the troubling news from Iraq includes Ambassador Bremer’s interference with the Iraqi Governing Council’s investigation of the oil-for-food scandal, “Kofi’s cover up,” and the raid on Ahmed Chalabi’s quarters in Baghdad, “Bungling in Iraq: The Chalabi raid.”
The linked column by Jim Hoagland, who first met Chalabi in 1972, does not address the leaked allegations that Chalabi transmitted intelligence information to Iran; Chalabi’s public position in any event seems to have called for the inclusion of Iran in plans for Iraq’s postwar reconstruction. The Washington Post’s account of the raid goes into some detail regarding the alleged corruption that provided the grounds for the raid: “U.S. aids raid on home of Chalabi.” The lengthy New York Times story adds context and some confounding information that supplements the Post story: “Iraqi and G.I.’s raid the offices of an ex-favorite.”
For David Ignatius, the logic of the events unravelling in Iraq and the partisanship that impels the Democrats to exploit those events for their own narrow purposes leads, somewhat illogically, to “The McCain choice.” I’d say that’s more than enough troubling news for one day.


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