Curse lifted

Wednesday’s Game Seven between Minnesota and Sacramento was a satisfying one for me and other members of the anti-Chris Webber crowd. The injured Webber played valiantly and effectively for the Kings, yet was powerless to stop Kevin Garnett, a player to whom he was once compared, from dominating the proceedings. Additionally, Webber missed a layup in the final minutes, and then saw his three-point shot at the buzzer — one that would have tied the game — go half-way in before spinning out. (Washington Wizards fans could find poetic justice in that shot, inasmuch as Webber attempted countless three-pointers for us when he should have been in the low post serving as the hub of our offense). The sports talking heads (unable to claim that Webber choked) are now wondering whether he simply has “bad basketball karma,” a theme I took up here.
In response to my last post on Webber, however, a reader who is a friend of Webber’s pastor advised me that Chris has become a dedicated Christian who is trying to change his ways. The reader adds, “the past should not be held against a person who genuinely has changed.”
I agree. In that spirit, and considering how much misfortune Webber has already endured on the basketball court, I hereby lift the curse I placed on him when he left Washington.


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