The Sickness Spreads

The Sydney Morning Herald, one of Australia’s leading newspapers, is far left even by the standards of the New York and L.A. Times. But this is beyond the pale. The Herald has assigned crack-pot Richard Neville to explore the mystery: “Who Killed Nick Berg?”
Needless to say, Neville doesn’t fall for the obvious explanation–the al Qaeda guys, who tend to decapitate westerners whenever they get the chance. No, that would be way too simple:

Iraq in flames, Washington an object of disgust. What to do? At this pivotal moment, CNN and Fox News are tipped off to a clip of an American citizen being beheaded. The victim is a 26-year-old idealist from Pennsylvania, Nick Berg. Despite the perpetrators being masked, the vile deed is deemed the work of al-Qaeda.
The clip was first “discovered” on an Islamic website in Malaysia. Its Arabic title reads “Abu Musab al-Zarqawi shown slaughtering an American”. al-Zarqawi is a 38-year-old Jordanian militant who fled to Iraq in 2001 after reportedly losing a leg in a US missile strike. al-Zarqawi’s face is widely known and he credits himself with the deed, so why a mask?
The timing of the video was brilliant for the West. Media pundits judged the crime a deeper evil than the systemic torture of innocent Iraqis. But some people sensed a rat. But if it was not al-Qaeda, who? Surely not Uncle Sam. That’s too dark, even for the CIA.

Well, no, apparently it isn’t. Not only did the CIA kill Berg, they were incited to do so by none other than Free Republic. Here is Neville’s cogent analysis:

On March 7, 2004, two weeks before his arrest in Mosul, an “enemies list” had been posted on a conservative website, The list was compiled from signatories to an anti-war petition, and its implied purpose was to encourage readers to harass those it named.
Berg’s father was on that list, as was the family firm, Prometheus. This information may well have triggered the arrest of Berg in Iraq.

Gosh, if we’d only known that we could get someone arrested by mentioning his father’s name in a Free Republic post! The possibilities are endless.
So this is the pass we have come to. Liberals, not only here in America but world-wide, are so twisted and deformed by hate that they will gladly assume that if someone is found decapitated, the most likely explanation is that the CIA killed him, on instructions from a conservative website. The sickness spreads.
Via Tim Blair.


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