Bikers for Bush

Thousands of motorcyclists rolled into Washington yesterday as the Rolling Thunder veterans’ group descended on RFK stadium. Some members of the group, including President Artie Muller, stopped by the White House to greet President Bush, whom they endorsed for re-election last week. Administration officials Josh Bolton, Tommy Thompson and Anthony Principi joined the group on their motorcycles.
The photo below shows Muller with President Bush. Do you recognize the woman riding with Muller?
It’s honorary Rolling Thunder member Nancy Sinatra.
UPDATE: Reader Gerald Hanner writes: “I would never have guessed that Nancy Sinatra is sitting on the back of that bike. Back in the long ago and far away, the fighter jocks at Takhli Royal Thai Air Base used to stomp their boots in time to the beat of her ‘These Boots are Made for Walk’in.’
That was so long ago I barely remember it now.”


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