One more point

about the “negativity” of the Bush campaign as compared to Kerry’s. There isn’t that much reason for Kerry to use his resources to go negative against President Bush right now, since the mainstream media, including the Washington Post, is performing that task for him non-stop. Indeed, I’ve heard the Democrat operatives and would-be operatives in my law firm say on more than one occasion that the correct strategy for Kerry now is to lay low and let Bush take the media pounding. Thus, Dana Millbank and his cronies are doing double duty for Kerry — providing Kerry with the equivalent of negative advertising and then praising Kerry for putting out fewer negative ads than
UPDATE BY HINDROCKET: For more Milbank-bashing, check out the OmbudsGod, who notes the trail of woe that Milbank has left in the Corrections section of the Post–oddly, all of the corrections involve false attacks by Milbank on President Bush–and also puts Milbank’s criticism of the Bush campaign’s “negativity” into historical perspective.


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