Live-Blogging Miss Universe

The Trunk and I were talking the other day about finding opportunities for live-blogging. Tonight I remembered that the finale of the Miss Universe pageant is televised–inspiration struck!
9:14 — Just in time! They all came out in swimsuits. Hard to pick a favorite at this point.
9:16 — Somehow the swimsuits don’t seem to be as big as they used to be.
9:17 — Miss USA just came out. She’s one of the favorites, but somehow doesn’t quite do it for me.
9:18 — Miss Paraguay is clearly a contender.
9:20 — No offense to our Australian friends, but Miss Australia looks as though she’s hoping to pick up some tips along the runway.
9:21 — I guess that was the top ten. Gotta be Miss Paraguay. Or maybe Miss Jamaica. This is a shocker–the 7-2 favorite, Miss Norway, didn’t make the finals. Neither did the second and third favorites, Miss Ukraine and Miss Greece.
9:30 — Miss Puerto Rico is “Most Photogenic.” So why doesn’t that make her the winner?
9:35 — The five finalists — Paraguay (I knew it), USA, Puerto Rico, Australia and Trinidad & Tobago. My favorites–Paraguay and Puerto Rico. My daughter says Miss Australia looks like a competitor on “The Bachelor.”
9:43 — Miss Paraguay says if she could interview any female leader in history, it would be Eva Peron. Yikes. I may have to switch over to Miss Puerto Rico.
9:44 — Miss USA says women’s greatest contribution is children. Miss Puerto Rico believes in working hard and pursuing dreams. (Hard to argue with that.) Miss Australia would like to be born in this time and as a woman. By a lucky coincidence, she was. Miss Trinidad & Tobago: The failure she learned the most from was when she hit her head on the stage during a fashion show.
9:47 — Commercial break. I would say the question round didn’t shed a lot of light.
9:49 — They’ve come back out in new outfits. Miss Paraguay won me back, Puerto Rico second. Miss Australia, no offense, kind of looks like she’s in a wet tee-shirt contest. Miss T & T seems quite normal.
9:56 — Miss Paraguay finished fourth. Eva Peron did her in, I think. The last two: USA and Australia.
9:58 — Miss Australia wins! Shows what I know. Here she is:
capt.muo10305261803.miss_universe_2004_muo103.jpg capt.qto11806020306.ecuador_miss_universe_qto118.jpg
DEACON genuflects: This, I think, is the best blogging any of us has done. And to think, I wasted my evening watching Reggie Miller, Ben Wallace, and Rip Hamilton.


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