Michael Moore, Fraud

Michael Moore’s noxious movie, Fahrenheit 9/11, is about to hit the theaters. This morning’s St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that our friend Mark Kennedy, a Minnesota congressman, is in the trailer for Moore’s movie.
The trailer shows Moore ambushing Mark and saying that he is trying to get members of Congress to “get their kids to enlist in the Army to go over to Iraq.” It doesn’t show Mark’s response, which was that he has two nephews, one in Afghanistan and one in Iraq, who are proud to be serving their country. Mark has four young children, but his spokesman added that his oldest son is considering entering the service as well.
Mark, unlike Michael Moore, actually knows something about Iraq, having spent time there on a fact-finding mission. The photo below, taken in Iraq, shows the Congressman with two Marines from Minnesota.
None of this, of course, will find its way into Moore’s “documentary.”


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