D-Day in France

Kenneth Timmerman, whom we interviewed on our radio show a couple of weeks ago, describes the chilly reception that the French are preparing for President Bush:

In Basse-Normandie, where the allied landings occurred, two vice presidents of the regional council announced they were refusing to take part in any ceremonies where Bush or Russian President Vladimir Putin were present. “What image will we send of Normandy to Arab and Islamic countries by receiving Bush and Putin with pomp and circumstance?” one of them asked the French daily, Le Monde.
What image will France send to Arab and Islamic countries? How about the message France sends to its own citizens, or to its former allies across the Atlantic, who left 66,000 of their fellow citizens behind while liberating France twice from tyranny in the 20th century?
“The paradox of June 6,” opined former Prime Minister Laurent Fabius, a Socialist, is that Bush “is the exact opposite of the values that make us love America.” Le Monde apparently agreed: “Should we even offer this podium to Bush, since he never hesitates to compare the struggle for freedom in Europe that was the battle of Normandy to today’s war in Iraq?” a reporter editorialized.

Timmerman is the author of The French Betrayal of America
Speaking of the Northern Alliance Radio Network, on 1280 AM the Patriot, this afternoon between 1 and 2 CST, Stephen Hayes will be discussing his new blockbuster, The Connection: How al Qaeda’s Collaboration with Saddam Hussein Has Endangered America. We’ll post some highlights from the interview later today.
Finally, on the subject of the radio show, we have been running a logo contest for the Northern Alliance Radio Network. We have received over thirty entrants from listeners; the quality is frankly unbelievable. There are a lot of talented people out there. I think the winner will be announced soon. I’m looking forward to getting the logo up on this site. And we should learn today what the schedule for our long-awaited internet stream is. I expect that our show will be streamed world-wide on the internet within the next two weeks.


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