Hate-Mongers of the Left

Reaction to President Reagan’s death by leading Democrats has generally been respectful and appropriate; certainly, all politicians who hope to win another election (e.g., John Kerry) paid tribute to him. To see how the American left really feels, however, check out this tirade by the despicable Ted Rall. Rall is one of the leading spokesmen for the dominant strand of contemporary leftism; that is, people who are so deformed by hate that they can no longer think rationally.
Foreign reaction has been remarkably positive as well, but again, the Left hasn’t changed its stripes. The Sydney Morning Herald, one of Australia’s leading papers, publishes some of the world’s nuttiest left-wing columnists; the link is to a column by one Marian Wilkinson. She recounts a revisionist tale of the Reagan years from which economic recovery and victory over the most appalling tyranny in the history of the world are mysteriously absent.
The Left hasn’t changed. It’s just lying low for a few days.


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