Rall on the Run?

Yesterday we linked to a disgusting outpouring of hate against President Reagan by “cartoonist” Ted Rall. Today, two readers wrote in to tell us that the link wasn’t working; I checked and found that Rall’s entire site apparently has been taken down. I haven’t seen anything about this elsewhere on the net–in fact, I haven’t seen any other blogger point out Rall’s sickening tirade–but it appears that Rall may have taken enough heat that he is lying low for the moment. Or maybe it’s server trouble or routine maintenance. We’ll keep watch on his site.
I didn’t keep a screen shot of Rall’s sick commentary, but if anyone else did, let us know. I remember some of it, should Rall now be trying to disavow what he wrote.
Meanwhile, Rall is still one of nine editorial cartoonists on the Washington Post’s website.
UPDATE: It has nothing to do with President Reagan, but here is Rall’s latest cartoon, published today, in which he sets forth his opinion on the September 11 attacks and our response to them:
This guy is sick beyond words, but he appears to have replaced Garry Trudeau as the liberals’ favorite cartoonist.
UPDATE: Rall’s site is now operational again, but a number of features, including his “Rallblog,” are still missing.


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