More Good News From Iraq

It’s becoming a trend. The Bush administration’s proposal for U.N. endorsement of the transfer of sovereignty to Iraq now has overwhelming support, as France and Germany have agreed to go along. The administration gave up essentially nothing to get these nations’ concurrence, as the revised resolution merely says that the U.S. and Iraq will work out a policy on how to cooperate on “sensitive offensive operations.” The resolution does not give the new Iraqi government a veto over coalition military operations although, as a practical matter, the U.S. would certainly want the new government to be on board with any major initiatives.
In other news, Italian and Polish hostages being held by insurgents were rescued by coalition forces south of Iraq. The insurgents apparently surrendered without firing a shot.
And Iraq’s new government officially took charge of that country’s oil industry today:

“Today the most important natural resource has been returned to Iraqis to serve all Iraqis,” Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said. “I’m pleased to announce that full sovereignty and full control on oil industry has been handed over to the oil ministry today and to the new Iraqi government as of today.”
The announcement came as Allawi and Oil Minister Thamir Ghadbhan toured the al-Doura oil refinery in southern Baghdad. After meeting and shaking hands with the refinery workers, the two ministers thanked oil sector workers.
“We are totally now in control, there are no more advisers,” Ghadbhan said. “We are running the show, the oil policies will be implemented 100 percent by Iraqis.” Referring to the former regime of Saddam Hussein, Allawi said that “in the past, Iraqi oil was used in building palaces, buying weapons to achieve one person’s goals.”

What I want to know is, do all those liberals who kept saying the war was all about oooiiiilll now have to admit they were wrong, or is everyone going to just “move on” and pretend that particular slander was never uttered?
UPDATE: The Security Council approved the U.S. resolution on Iraq in a 15-0 vote.


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