Return of the Vile Wretch

It seemed for one brief shining moment that the execrable Ted Rall might have experienced a pang of conscience and taken down his vile slander of President Reagan (along with all of the other noxious stuff on his website). No, it was just server failure caused by a Drudge link.
So if you want to see what he wrote about President Reagan–too sick to defile Power Line by quoting it on our main page–go here. He also quotes a selection of recent emails, some of which are over the top; others are measured and entirely appropriate condemnations.
Rall, who is as annoying a twit as you might think, was on Hannity and Colmes tonight. Colmes basically said, “Get off my team.” Sean then berated him until it was time for a commercial. Rall got in a few supercilious (and completely false) words, and they moved on to the next guest. Why would Rall show up for such a predictable drubbing? Because he is a no-talent nobody. No one ever heard of him until he became notorious for making fun of the widows of Sept. 11 and Marianne Pearl. The liberals then adopted him as their favorite cartoonist and co-favorite pundit, along with Michael Moore and Al Franken. He is willing to be berated on Fox News because, as a nobody, he has nothing to lose from publicity, good or bad. From now on, I don’t think we’ll be talking about him much.


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