Northern Alliance Logo Contest Heats Up

Today we spent an hour with Steve Hayward on the Northern Alliance Radio Network, talking about Ronald Reagan’s pre-Presidential years. It was a great interview. We also talked with Ron Eibensteiner, Chairman of the Minnesota Republican Party.
As some of our readers know, we have been running a contest to create a logo for our show. (Some would say this is a cheesy way to get around the fact that none of us have any artistic talent; i.e., get readers to design a logo for us for free.) The six finalists have now been selected, and you can vote for your favorite on the Northern Alliance website.
The entries were unbelievably good, I think, and we can’t wait to the get the winner posted on Power Line. I think the contest runs through next Friday, and, if I’m not mistaken, the winner will be announced on Saturday’s show.
We keep promising an internet stream, but it isn’t quite ready. I believe the necessary line has been installed, and we are still expecting to be available on the internet within the next few weeks.


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